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It's time to listen up First TIme Homebuyers even seasoned buyers !

I know buying your first home or any home, is exciting. Its a rush. With so many homes to choose from it can become the thrill of the chase. But listen up....there are ALOT of mistakes you make whether you want to admit them or not. As a Real Estate Agent, we disclose to you to the best of our ability exactly what the owner of a home discloses to us or possibly what we can see on the forefront when inspecting the home for listing. However, Real Estate Agents are not psychic, we do not own crystal balls that tells us things. We are not your welcome mat when something goes wrong and we are not to blame if you choose to go against the real knowledge we give to you !

The biggest mistake I am seeing lately is home buyers waving their right to a well needed and well warranted home inspection. Why ? Here in TN a home inspection will cost you anywhere from $150.00 - $300.00. Although there are many ads that read NO MONEY DOWN, keep in mind there are "things" that will require money. Buying a home is NOT free, when you buy a home YOU take over all maintenance, taxes etc associated with that home. Would you rather spend $150.00-$300.00 and know what your getting into BEFORE getting into it, or move in to find you need a new roof that will cost you $3000.00. I know and understand times are tough, that forking out $150.00 or more is not something we like to do, but if you buy a car don't you test drive it to see if you like it ? Or do you stand in the parking lot and simply observe ?

A home inspection can protect you in so many ways. If there are major repairs needing to be done, in most cases you can get the seller to rectify these before closing...if not...then MOVE ON, don't buy someone else's headache. In brief summery here is what a home inspector will do :

They will make sure all electrical function properly and up to capacity and code.

They will check plumping and fixtures for leaks and operation.

They will check basements and crawl spaces for leaks and / or bugs.

They will check the roof of the home, ensuring all shingles are secure, noting whats missing or any and how bad their is damage.

I have listed the most important things that should be checked and you should know prior to moving into /closing on a home. In many cases if something is wrong with the home, most sellers are not aware of it either. Smaller, minor things can be disclosed but the things, that are not on the surface, not seen cannot be. I advise all of my buyers to get a home inspection. Ultimately it is up to the buyer. However, if you don't, than consider it your problem ! Because believe you me, when we get to closing you will be signing an addendum stating you have waived your right to a home inspection and if you don't, simply we just don't close! And if you don't get a home inspection and you find many things happening in your home that are great expenses for you Please, do not call your agent , yelling and blaming her/him for a mistake you must own up to ! Forgive my brutal honesty here people, but the facts are if you are unwilling to open your wallet at anytime during the purchase of a home you should continue to rent because this is simply preparing you for opening your wallet when a toilet won't flush and you have to call and pay a plumber rather than your landlord !

So, even if your Real Estate agent doesn't advise you of getting a Home Inspection, you are now armed with the knowledge of telling her/him you want one !

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It's time to listen up First TIme Homebuyers even seasoned buyers
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