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Spending time with your family - Priceless !

Football Sunday in our house is a HUGE event. My husband gathers all his snacks, his cold drinks, throws on his football jersey and heads to the game room of our home where he becomes lost in some sort of black hole. Every now and again you hear some sort of scream or cheer and you know, okay, he is still alive in there. Some Sundays are louder than others. His favorite losing team " The Raiders" always seem to fizzle out towards the end of the game and that's usually how I know "he's still alive and well" or at the very least half time is over !

For a long time we would spend our Sundays at the local Pub. A nice relaxing time over some hot wings and a cold beer. With the economy tightening up, Christmas around the corner we have decided lately to become a little more home bound. Although I DO believe our economy will be just fine, we WILL bounce back, as we always do, I also understand Rome wasn't built in a day and things do take time. Fortunately, Tennessee is not hardest hit like other states such as Florida, California and Arizona. Along with the economy you ad the housing markets in those three states and there is a higher level of panic amongst it's citizens. For them too, I believe they will bounce back.

There are some mis-guided perceptions out there however where many believe today is not the time to purchase a home. On the contrary-today is a GREAT time to purchase a home. If you can and are already affording to rent than you can purchase. Sure, we all have to change our way of living sometimes but isn't it worth it in the end to know that every month you are putting into a stock that will gain you a return later ? Instead of paying the landlord's mortgage every month why not pay your own ? Wouldn't it be better to gather your family around the dinner table every night to eat rather than all of you racing to a "Big Mac Attack" ? Wouldn't it be better to wash your own car rather than spending what seems like an eternity at the car wash ? You would be amazed at the little things one could do to save a few extra bucks and put it towards the biggest investment of your life...your new home !

This past Sunday my children decided they wanted to spend a couple dollars of the allowance they saved. We headed off to the Dollar Store where snacks were the name of the game for them. You simply cannot watch Football with Daddy without the snacks of your choice. My little guy decided on " Sour Skittles" whereas my daughter who has been sick and isn't into " puckering up" decided on some gummy bears.

One year ago things would have been done differently. I may have not realized how much fun my kids could be through the hussle and bussle of everyday ordinary life. I may have not realized how far you could stretch the imagination on only a couple of bucks. I may have not realized that every moment counts. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. Instead of getting back to the basics of life and family we grew accustomed to throwing a few bucks down on the table allowing others to prepare our meals, entertain us. This year as I re-vamp my budget in an effort to save more for rainy days not only have I learned the power of a dollar, I am grateful for what I do have as things could be worse and I am savoring every moment with my children and family.

I am not any different from you. I worry, I struggle. I have a mortgage, electric bills and so on. By omitting just a few things that I have found are luxuries rather than necessities my checkbook does not seem as bad. So, yes, I can sit here and say : by cutting a few cost's, by spending only what you can afford at the end of the month, by dining in rather than out you CAN afford so much more than you think.

Don't believe me ? I can prove it ! Take a look at the power of some sour skittles: 

Bag of Hot Wings - $5.95 ( on sale at Kroger w/ Buy One Get One Free )

Sour Skittles - $1.00 ( Dollar Tree )


( the scream you hear in the background is my husband alerting me he is alive and well, in other words, the Raiders were not doing so well ) For more information on real estate in Crossville TN on the Cumberland Plateau call Melissa Grant direct at 931-210-8277 or visit !

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“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” ― Helen Keller




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Spending time with your family - Priceless
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